Private & Small Group Training Programs

No matter your fitness goal, our team has the perfect trainer for you! Learn how to properly perform functional movements that will improve your ability to perform the activities of daily living and help you reach your goals.

Private Programs

Personal Training
Our private and partner personal training sessions provide customized workouts that are specific to your goals. Your program will begin with a thorough fitness assessment that will allow our trainers to understand your unique needs.

Pilates Reformer
Experience personalized one-on-one instruction with our certified Pilates coaches. Develop the right program for your body and your goals utilizing Pilates Equipment and Principles.

Small Group Training

Get fit with friends in our small-group training (SGT) programs! SGT is specially designed in groups of 8 individuals or less. We offer ongoing training programs for both youth, ages 11-17, and adults.

Check our Group Exercise Schedule for free classes.

Fundamental Boxing Techniques and a full-body workout to leave you feeling strong and energized.

Pilates Cardio
A joint friendly, heart pumping cardio workout executed while lying on your back or side. Suitable for all including those with joint issues. Register in the Worldgate app.

Pilates Stretch
An assisted full body stretch using the Reformer’s attached springs, straps, movable carriage and accessory attachments. Register in the Worldgate app.

Pilates Strong
Using specialized Pilates equipment, experience a full body strength workout with a constant focus on form, posture and core recruitment using the Allegro Balanced Body Reformer, and may include the Tower, Wunda Chair, Jumpboard and accessories. Register in the Worldgate app.

Strength & Conditioning
Get stronger, faster, and fitter, with this strength conditioning workout, using a variety of fitness equipment and effective Training protocols.

Youth Performance Training
Youth Performance Training is ideal for youth sports conditioning. This 50-minute class is designed and delivered by a Personal Trainer who has experience in Athletic Performance. Workouts will include aerobic conditioning, strength and power training, agility drills, core focused exercises, flexibility ,and instruction on injury prevention.

Available for ages 12-16 years

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