Youth Programs & Special Events

Complimentary daycare is available for children included on family memberships, and guests of Worldgate Athletic Club and Spa.

Available for ages 3 months to 12 years

Parties and Special Events

We offer parties all year round, with activities available for all ages and private access to Kids Klub.

With many options to choose from we will help make your birthday one to remember!

Contact us for exclusive pricing on your first party rental!

Spring & Summer Day Camp

This program encompasses a daycare setting that includes arts + crafts, movies, group activities such as musical chairs, scooters and more in our Kids Klub daycare area.

Note that this program is not associated with our Summer Sports Camp and High Intensity Tennis Camps located on the third floor of the club.

Youth Boost Program

Through our Youth Boost Orientation Program, participants will gain general knowledge of fitness floor etiquette, fitness programming standards, human anatomy, and basic body mechanics. Upon course completion, the participant will be presented with a certificate of completion and a wristband, allowing them to utilize all the fitness areas on their own.

Youth Performance Training

Youth Performance Training is ideal for youth sports conditioning. This 50-minute class is designed and delivered by a Personal Trainer who has experience in Athletic Performance. Workouts will include aerobic conditioning, strength and power training, agility drills, core focused exercises, flexibility ,and instruction on injury prevention.

Available for ages 12-16 years.

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