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Tearra Settles

About Tearra

Mikael has been with this facility for about 10 years now and began his career here at the front desk.  He has demonstrated a high level of performance when Worldgate was previously known as Sport & Health, and grew to become the AGM.  When AAG took over the facility Mikael chose to stay with S&H and while I ran the facility I had at least one member a day tell me I needed to get him back on our team.  I was incredibly excited when Mikael said he would meet with me about returning and over the past two years he has been a key piece to the success of the Worldgate club.  Besides working diligently to keep the facility together and create an amazing experience for all members, he has been the key driver that has led the facility to grow from roughly 500 memberships to over 2700 memberships (roughly 4300 members) in 2 years.  Mikael is one of the most dedicated and selfless leaders I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I know he will be successful in this endeavor. We are incredibly lucky to have him on the team and I can’t wait to see where he takes the club from here!

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(571) 440-7400